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Jeremy Fetzer is a guitarist, composer, and graphic designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is co-founder of instrumental group Steelism and Fetzer Design. His debut EP Wisdom of the Octopus is available now.

“Guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and steel player Spencer Cullum lead a crew of Nashville’s best instrumentalists to create some of the most lyrical lyric-less music in a generation.”

- NASHVILLE SCENE on Nashville's Best Edition


“[Steelism] sounds like Duane Eddy, Don Ho, Santo and Johnny, Ennio Morricone, Caitlin Rose and Kraftwerk... The eclectic instrumental score for a cinematic road trip.”

- ROLLING STONE COUNTRY on Steelism's 615 to FAME


"That last factoid is probably what keeps this album from veering into the territory of Kitty Wells Theme Night at the karaoke lodge: Deep Vibration guitarist Jeremy Fetzer has an indispensable gift for judiciously balancing sparkling Telecaster twang with urbane sleekness. When Rose unveils a Chantilly-gauzed Tammy Wynette inflection, he smoothes out the crinkles with a polished riff evocative of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac, and on tunes like "Silver" and "Waitin'," the leads fall somewhere between those of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers and Roger Waters."

SPIN MAGAZINE on Caitlin Rose's "The Stand-In"


"Nashville guitar wiz kid Jeremy Fetzer lays down some graceful Tele playing, offering the kind of licks that, to paraphrase a musician friend of mine, makes the old-timer session players in Nashville nervous."

AMERICAN SONGWRITER on Andrew Comb's Tennessee Time (2010)


"Own Side Now (Theory 8) Ten well-written songs, performed with humor and grit from Rose are highlighted by fine playing from Jeremy Fetzer and Luke Schneider on pedal steel and guitar."

VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE on Caitlin Rose's Own Side Now (2010)


"Early tip for 2009 are Nashville based foursome The Deep Vibration, so named by Lou Reed, when they approached him after a show last year. They look like the beardy backwoods sons of The Band, but sound like Neil Young propping up the bar with Richmond Fontaine. Five-track EP “Veracruz” is a weather bitten beauty. Guests include Spooner Oldham, pedal steel veteran Al Perkins and Gillian Welch."

UNCUT on The Deep Vibration's Veracruz EP (2009)

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